When it comes to Nanaimo stair forms there are lots of options where you can choose from. Some of the common forms are spiral, geometrical, u-shaped, l-shaped, straight, circular, curved, split, and floating, and concrete.

Different stair forms can be also made using different building materials. Such as wood, steel, cast-iron, reinforced concrete, or plain concrete. Every material offers different aesthetics and benefits.

But among these stair forms. There are many reasons why you choose Nanaimo concrete over the other options. After you’ve decided what stair form you will build.

If you’re having second thoughts about whether you should opt for concrete stairs or not, then keep on reading.

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Reasons to Choose Concrete Stair Form

  1. Fire Resistant and Durable

When it comes to safety, concrete material will not disappoint you. Concrete stairs can actually handle hefty loads whole more expensive and less durable. Like wood, stainless steel, or stone may crack, break, and bend easily.

In addition to that, concrete is fire-resistant, take note this is one of the reasons it’s typically utilized for fire exit staircases. Compared to metal and steel stairs, concrete doesn’t rust when exposed to moisture. Also, it doesn’t expand, warp, or splinter like wooded stairs, with proper drainage.

Concrete Nanaimo stair forms, on the other hand, are capable of handling vibrations. And they are proven effective in terms of soundproofing. This also makes these stairs ideal for schools and hospitals.

Another good thing about concrete stairs is that they sustain heat and withstand almost all seasons and climates.

  1. Customizable

Some people are often hesitant to invest in concrete stairs. Because they seem boring and dull. But little did they know such stairs can be customized with ease. For instance, you can cover it with paint or install tiles that are not slippery.

Concrete is also a material that can be coated with epoxy to make it more aesthetically appealing and durable. Sure, it looks plain in its own way but it is more customizable compared to wood or marble.

  1. Easy to Mold and Install

 Concrete is very easy to mold and use and doesn’t need specialized and skilled labor. Though you can always hire a contractor if you want your stairs to last for years. Nevertheless, this user-friendliness makes concrete versatile as well as convenient.

Moreover, handrails are easier to fit into concrete stairs. These stairs can be also strengthened with steel bars which will improve durability.

Other concrete stair professionals and contractors in Nanaimo also have precast concrete steps. This will allow effortless and quick installation as well as the construction of your stairs.

In case you didn’t know, precast concrete steps will remove the major disadvantage of making concrete steps. Which is waiting for the concrete to dry and harden. ViPremium Contracting will build you Nanaimo stair forms.

With concrete stairs, you can also embed pipes within them.

  1. Concrete Stairs Will Improve Aesthetics

With concrete stairs, you do not need to sacrifice aesthetics. Aside from the fact that such stairs are extremely durable. Concrete gained popularity because of the beautiful appearance they offer to any kind of property.

In the actual fact, concrete stairs can be constructed in different stair forms and designs like a spiral, straight, and round. Further, they can be colored, tailed, as well as decorated with any design. Therefore you can easily complement or match it to the current design of your property.

  1. Concrete is Environmentally Friendly

Did you know that concrete comes from natural sources? Yes, it is true and it does not harm the environment. As the days go by, this building material won’t decompose and even give off gases, fumes, and other dangerous components to the surrounding.

  1. Low Maintenance

You can find concrete everywhere, as a matter of fact, it is the cheapest yet durable among building materials. Compared to marble, wood, and stone, concrete stairs be replaced and repaired easily. Whereas other more expensive building materials would need one to obtain from a similar source to sustain uniformity.

With concrete stairs, they don’t need regular or constant cleaning and polishing as well as special maintenance techniques. In fact, you can simply use a mop when cleaning the stairs.

There you have it, the benefits of concrete stairs. If you are looking forward to installing concrete stair forms, it is important that you choose a service provider who can give you good-looking, durable, and quality results. To help you in choosing, listed below are some tips that you can use as a guideline.

Tips for Choosing A Reliable Concrete Stair Contractor in Nanaimo

  1. Before hiring a contractor, make sure to conduct a thorough research on your own. With the help of the internet, things have become much easier than before. One of the best things about the internet is that it will provide you with an accurate list of the best concrete stair contractors in Nanaimo. From this list, you can obtain more relevant information about the service provider. Aside from the internet, you can also ask your friend, relatives, and even colleagues for recommendations.
  2. When choosing, don’t ignore the power of experience. If possible, look for one that has years of experience in the industry. Experienced service providers can offer you excellent insights and even recommendations so that you will get great results.
  3. Aside from experience, you should also consider the reputation. You can also take advantage of the internet when it comes to checking reputation. You can read reviews and testimonials on reliable websites such as Facebook and Google. If a certain contractor obtains a lot of negative comments, then ignore this one.

Hire Concrete Stair Contractor in ViPremium Contracting

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Thank you for reading, hopefully, you’ve learned a lot from today’s post.

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