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Concrete Repair

Concrete repair Nanaimo is done correctly and built to last for all your commercial and residential projects.


Living and working on Vancouver Island we know the effects of poor Drainage issues.  With 40+ years of experience, our team has corrected many  Nanaimo drainage issues from golf courses to residential.

Curbs & Sidewalks

Nanaimo Contracting  adds curb appeal and safety to your new and existing subdivision, commercial buildings and parking lots.

Concrete Finishing

We have completed hundreds of projects from the Coal Monument Downtown Nanaimo to stairs and patios in backyards! Nanaimo concrete covers all your residential and commercial needs

Projects We Completed

Nanaimo Perimeter Drain: Keeping Your Property Safe and Dry

Living in Nanaimo, BC means embracing the beauty of rain and lush greenery. However, that also means dealing with excess water on your property. Proper Nanaimo Perimeter Drain is essential to protect your landscaping, prevent water damage to your home, and avoid costly repairs. In this article, we’ll discuss how professional drainage services in Nanaimo can help you keep your property safe and dry.

Concrete Bollards Nanaimo

Concrete bollards are a popular choice for enhancing the safety and security of public spaces in Nanaimo. These robust and sturdy barriers serve as an effective visual and physical deterrent to prevent accidental collisions and deliberate attacks. From parks, sidewalks, and parking lots to commercial and residential properties, concrete bollards offer an affordable and durable solution.

Nanaimo Back and Side Yard Makeover

These new homeowners optimized their back and side yards to full capacity!  Moving into a home with a large, downhill sloped,  dirt backyard with no landscaping, we were able provide options to fit their individual style and budget.  This included a 12x60 concrete pad, complete with level 12x10 rebar reinforced hot tub pad, and 8 foot wide rebar reinforced steps going down to a beautiful green lawn!

Vancouver Island University Concrete Repairs

When Vancouver Island University needs Concrete Repairs they call Jeffrey Contracting. Teaming up with Jeffrey Contracting – VIPremium Contracting saw cut the damaged sections and removed the old concrete.  We redid the base and finished with a beautiful exposed finish to match the existing concrete seamlessly.

Nanaimo River Area Concrete Repairs and Additions

When our customers called for new concrete to be added and old concrete to be repaired we had quite the project on our hands! The concrete work was the easy part – but figuring out all the slopes to make sure we knew exactly where the water was going to drain was the important part. We changed up the design and added curves while matching the existing concrete seamlessly.

Nanaimo Retaining Wall

We started with building a 104 foot length retaining wall 4 feet high – straight and completely level.  We brought in 27 dump trucks of fill and road base to give them a beautiful level back yard they could use!  With the use of a grading level we achieved a perfectly flat lawn that was maximized at 25x80feet!

Nanaimo North Town Centre Concrete & Sidewalk Repairs

When Nanaimo North Town Centre called to have parking lot curbs and islands repaired they called VIPremium Contracting. By taking all the necessary safety protocols we made sure our project was completed on time, on budget and most importantly safely for the employees and customers of the mall.  When someone tagged and wrote in our fresh concrete, we were were happy to ‘erase’ the graffiti at no extra expense!

Nanaimo Government Building Trench complete with Engineered Plans!

VIPremium Contracting was quick to  step up, when a local BC Government parking lot needed a new trench added behind a motorized gate before this years wet and snowy weather!  We built  a concrete trench complete with rebar all while making sure the gate stayed functional! We worked within strict timelines even with work being interrupted with vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot on work days.  This was a project completed over 4 days complete with new curb and proper slope for drainage.

Nanaimo Driveway Repairs

When a local resident required his lifting driveway to be repaired we removed the damaged sections of concrete, removed all the roots causing the issuer, redid the base and matched the existing concrete for a seamless repair. New concrete always goes in lighter and changes color with age.

Nanaimo Crystal Brook Park. 20+ year old Basketball Court Still looking great.

 When the City Of Nanaimo needed a new basketball court in a local Nanaimo park they called Jeffrey Contracting LTD. This project was completed by our mentors over 20 years ago. The pad was poured perfectly flat and saw cut lines were all done free hand by the concrete legend Bill Jeffrey. These recent pictures show a perfect basketball court with no cracks, no puddles and no imperfections - even after 20 years! Another example of how our work is built to last!

Costco Parking Lot Curbs & Cooler Concrete Repairs

When the Nanaimo Costco needs their parking lot curbs and interior cooler concrete repaired they call Jeffrey Contracting LTD. VIPremium Contracting teamed up with Jeffrey Contracting and removed the damaged sections of concrete and fixed them better than before! The 6 inch wide curbs got replaced with concrete islands which hold up much better. Inside, the damages caused by forklifts and pallets to the concrete in coolers gets damaged.  We repaired using food safe release spray on our forms to keep everything safe.

Ladysmith Mill New Catch Basin, Slope ground and new asphalt

When a Lumber Mill in Ladysmith had issues with water pooling up they called us to add a new catch basin complete with plumbing. We resloped the area and added asphalt to match the existing finish around the area. Safety was our  top priority for the mill and for our staff. We made sure all staff had steel toe boots, safety vests, hard hats and safety glasses at all times.

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